Nostalgic Photo Shoot

The team at MOTIF Mag had our first ever photo shoot last weekend.

When our location fell through and make-up girl had to be somewhere at 7.45am, we were beginning to think we were doomed.

But after quick trip around our local area, we found a few top spots that we would use, one of those being a little jetty down in Woolwich.

Picture it, sunset, Saturday morning, coffees and tired folk. We must be crazy.

It turned out to be a stellar pick.

The photos were amazing thanks to our wonderfully talented photographer Nicole from Nicole Aleise Photography

With our cars packed with dresses and accessories from Review, Grandma Takes a Trip, Vintage Fashion Lounge and Mimco we were all set to make some magic.

And make some magic we did. But you’ll have to wait till Tuesday the 14th of December, when we go live.

In the mean time, you’ll have to be sated with our  behind-the-scenes pics and vids on Youtube .

Thanks to Michelle, Danielle, Nicole, Lisa and Marija who gave their time, effort and Saturday sleep in!


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