Grandma Takes a Trip

Amongst the fabulous fashions we had the privilege of using for our first photo shoot, were some authentic vintage threads from Grandma Takes a trip .

Walking into the Sydney warehouse felt like walking into the back lot of a film company.

Racks and shelves to the roof, stuffed and lined with a plethora of colours, fabrics, textures and variety.

Pidgeon holes full of coloured hats and accessories, shelves and shelves of shoes.

Nicola (owner) from Grandma Takes a Trip and was telling me how her family has been in the textile bank business since before she was born.

Back in the UK the textile re-appropriation industry was basically started by her parents. Nicola has it in her blood.

Her knack for finding gorgeous gowns and stylish outfits has seen her set up her own shop in Sydney where due to our short history, we are somewhat lacking in vintage clothing of native origins.

Nicola’s inventory is sourced from all over the UK and Europe, and includes label such Vivianne Westwood, Ozzie Clark and Christian Dior.

Specialising in vintage fashion, Nicola has provided props and outfits for photo shoots for magazines and advertisements.

More recently she has supplied the wardrobe for Cate Blanchetts’ latest project, Uncle Vanya at the Sydney Theatre Company.


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