Issue 2

You might be wondering what we have up our sleeves for the 2nd issue of MOTIF Magazine.

How can we possibly improve on the whimsical theme that let us all indulge in our nostalgic fancies???

Well, we can.

We have.

For starters, sneak a peek at our cover art, kindly supplied by the amazing Dan McCarthy

It’s all about trees, forests, mystery and creatures.

Full moons, antlers, mist and feathers.

We will have articles about fairy tales, fear and escaping into the wilderness.

We have guest writers Gay Giordano, Robin Sidwell and our columnists Michelle and Shannon.

There will be some drool worthy art work in our INTO THE WOODS issue by Leon Sidwell, Cheong-ah Hwang and Rene Tohl even a little Hidden Eloise.

Look out for our specially-created-for-MOTIF Blythe page by POMME POMME and try some woods inspired recipes from Lara.

Our lucky winners are gearing up to receive their prizes in the post!

Congratulations to Bess, Christine, Kassandra, Marissa, Rafaela, Aurelie, Tiffany, Kathy, Jane, Kathleen, Marcela, Michelle, Kate, Reena, Emmie, Sara, Stephanie, Susana, Stella and Melissa.



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2 responses to “Issue 2

  1. it’s great. thank you!

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