Made 590

When we planned for our INTO THE WOODS issue, I wanted to feature a favourite store of mine, MADE 590.

MADE 590 is a little store in a funky part of town that has so many delightful things it’s easy to get stuck in there for hours.

They sell all kinds of weird and wonderful, woodsy themed items and they would have been perfect to feature in our INTO THE WOODS issue.

Alas, due to unfortunate circumstances and the crazy-busy life of owner Christina, we were unable to get MADE 590 into the mag.

So, I wanted to pop in a quick post about Christina and the girls here on the MOTIF Blog.

Purveyors of all things quirky and curious, MADE 590 stocks their own lovely fashion label and adorable home-wares from all over the world.

And best of all, it’s all available online – so our readers from all over can enjoy!



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2 responses to “Made 590

  1. I LOVE YOUR MAG! Just discovered it. Your into the woods issue is fantastic, keep up the good work! So good to escape into…

    and I love Made 590 too 🙂

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