Cover Artist – Dan McCarthy

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but I am simply in love with the cover of Issue 2.

I am allowed to say that, because I had nothing to do with it. Well I did suggest Dan McCarthy’s work…and I did help choose the image…but other than that…

Tegan and I picked the image from an abundance of awesome choices at Dan McCarthy’s website and Tegan added the masthead and text (most brilliantly I think you’ll agree!).

I have long been a fan of the work of Massachusetts based artist Dan McCarthy, since I came across his work online, researching for Escape into Life.

I interviewed Dan and was just stoked beyond imagination that he let us use one of his images for our magazine.

The moon-lit, forested image we used named ‘Cold Moon ‘ was picked for our INTO THE WOODS issue because it has that perfect blend of whimsy, mystery and beauty.

McCarthy’s work includes a lot of forest imagery but I think his unique aesthetic  lies in pitching the silhouette of a tree, a forest, a skeleton or even just electricity wires against the fading light of day or the deepest blue of a night lit by a million stars.

His exploration of things like mountains, forests, the banal beauty of suburbia or something as simple as an illuminated window in the dark of night is why I love his work so much.

Caution: don’t have your credit card in the vicinity when browsing McCarthy’s website. He sells print, art, posters and drawings at a very reasonable price…it’s down right dangerous!



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2 responses to “Cover Artist – Dan McCarthy

  1. Pure awesomeness 🙂 I love this issue and Dan’s artwork.
    Twin Peaks, the Mighty Boosh, Hidden Eloise and more of my favs all in one issue! Can’t wait to see the next one. xo

    • Thanks Clair! This one’s close to my heart as well and getting Dan’s permission to use his art for our cover was a dream come true! We’re working on the 3rd issue now, so keep an ear out and please keep reading! Lara x

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