Paper Sculpture

You might have noticed the AMAZING image that accompanies Tegan’s article about the origins of fairytales in MOTIF’s current issue – INTO THE WOODS.

But did you notice that it is made from paper?

Crafted lovingly and painstakingly assembled by Korean born artist Cheong-ah Hwang.

When I was studying fine art in school, I happened to look at some advertising design books, and saw all this wonderful paper sculptures. I knew that this art form was going to be the vehicle of my expressions. I don’t have a proper art language to explain my work. I’m an art college drop-out. I make anything that interests me, or pleases me. I love living. I like paper medium because it’s an everyday material we use, and it’s versatile. My childhood memory starts with me making something with paper. When I was young, my parents ran a printing business in Korea. I was always surrounded by all kinds of paper. I like many kinds of paper art, but particularly, I love paper sculpture because I get to play with 2d and 3d elements at the same time, and that fascinates me. I call paper sculpture 2 1/2 dimension. I’ve been making them since 2000.’

Cheong-ah Hwang

You can find Hwang’s work all over the internet. She’s been covered by any and every design and creative blog.

And deservedly so, her work is really quite extraordinary.

We found Hwang through her PaperNoodle Etsy store where you can buy her paper creations but she also has a website PaperNoodle that documents her work and artist bio.

You can also watch Hwang talk about her Kickstarter Project where she managed to raise $570 to fund the Little Red Riding Hood image, as seen in the latest issue of MOTIF Magazine.


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