The Art – The Inspiration

Choosing the art work for our INTO THE WOODS cover was not an easy task.

We had lots of ideas and artists to choose from and as you all know, we ended up going with Dan McCarthy.

But, this is an opportunity to share with you some of the artists we love and would have loved to have used for the Issue 2 cover.

PARSKID – a mysterious artist and graffiti dabbler from the Pacific Northwest of America. He is rather elusive, but I found this interview with him at Crown Dozen . Parskid’s work is evocative and mysterious, much like the man himself I guess, but what I love about it most are the little creatures he invents and their misty, forest environment. I have a PARSKID of my very own that I will be taking with me to the UK. (I love you PARSKID)

Black Apple – Tegan found this artist, who has been a long-time, personal favourite of hers. With a shop on ETSY, you can buy Black Apple prints for a steal. Emily Winfield’s work is melancholy and filled with a whimsical wonderment that often includes forest creatures and fairytales.

Furturtle – The work of Travis Bone has been on my radar for sometime now. I love the simplicity of his tour poster prints. His technique and use of colour is striking and bold. His subject matter is always captivating and hovers around woodland creatures, forests and everything that we love in our INTO THE WOODS issue. You can also buy Furturtle prints from the website, they are mostly his rock posters but it looks as if he is getting into some art prints and other stuff as well.


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