Leon Sidwell

I first came across Leon Sidwell’s work years ago when I was looking for lino cut (or wood cut) images.

Don’t ask my why, I can’t remember now. But I’ve always liked the style.

Stanly Donwood

I included Leon’s work in a piece (The Spaces in Between) I wrote for Escape into Life about wood cut through the ages beginning with the work of Frans Masereel, followed by Stanly Donwood (aka Dan Rickwood).

There is something so appealing about this kind of art. It has a simple, naive sophistication to it.

When it’s done well, it can eclipse the most detailed art in terms of drama and emotion.

Leon Sidwell

Leon Sidwell is from Birmingham, UK and has a deft hand at a style that is not as popular as it used to be.

Lino or wood cut was the first version of printing, and was pioneered by artists such as Hieronymus Andreae, Anton Koberger, Albrecht Durer,  Hiroshige and later Frans Masereel, Edvard Munch and Lynd Ward.

If you want to find out more, Google terms like: Nuremberg Chronicles, ukiyo-e and chiaroscuro, woodblock printing, xylography and ars moriendi…..just to get you started.

Lynd Ward

image from the Ars Moriendi


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