Megan Russell Cover Artist

This post is dedicated to the wonderful and highly talented Ms Megan Russell from Mr Illustration .

Megan created the evocative cover art for Issue 3 of MOTIF Magazine.

Here’s what it looked like before we put our MOTIF masthead and text on:

Born and raised in sunny Florida, Megan now lives in the Windy City of Chicago and has since graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration.

Megan has completed work for The Peabody Institute, Muse Magazine, HPN Magazine and Kamaka Foods.

Take a browse through Megan’s blog and you’ll catch a glimpse of her talent and personality.

Her work is inspired by fairy tales, myth and legend and draws upon the style of Art Nouveau, Ballet Russe and the Golden Age illustrators including Kay Nielsen, Alphonse Mucha, Aubrey Beardsley and Arthur Rackham.

Aubrey Beardsley from Le Morte d’Arthur

Or for some more inspiration try looking up the work of Jessie Wilcox Smith, Howard Pyle, Charles Dana Gibson & Norman Rockwell).

Click on these links to get lost in a world of nostalgic portrayals of life and fantasy, whimsy and mystery.


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