Meet MOTIF’s New Craft Editor

Dana Beach – a marvel with her hands and a master of all things pretty – has agreed to join Tegan and I at MOTIF Magazine.

Dana’s going to be bringing you the craft component of our magazine every quarter.

Her first contribution was in our latest issue JOURNEYS and it was a delightful make-your-own journal.

A travel journal for our adventure inspired issue.

We found Dana from her blog Crafty Minx .

Crafty Minx gives inspiration and tutorials for some creative crafting ideas and also provides a place where Dana can share her passion for all the quirky items she finds in op-shops and vintage stores.

Dana’s latest bender is Granny A Day. This is where Dana blogs about her attempt to crotchet a square a day for one year and she has made some extremely lovely blankets.

What I love most about Dana’s blog though is the personal aspect. Dana shares part of her life through her blog, and it makes it a warm and friendly place to visit, virtually speaking that is.

I have become a little bit addicted to Dana’s Blog


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