We wanted to create a magazine that lived up to the expectations of not only ourselves, but also our friends, families and readers. MOTIF is a quarterly magazine with a little bit of fun, food and fashion, but most importantly genuine content.

We aim to choose sponsors and advertisements that suit our agenda instead of the other way around, selecting brands and products that we really like and can actually afford.

We want to share and celebrate the good things that we already have and already exist, rather than always championing the newest and best or most expensive. We want our content to reflect our reality and not our fantasy.

By publishing our magazine online we hope to utilise the very best this medium has to offer: links, interactive content, photos, downloads and even videos. We also believe that by having our magazine online we can reach a global audience and source and showcase emerging artists, designers and talents.

Here on our blog you will not only be privy to all the amazing work that takes place behind the scenes, you will also be given links to awesome online content as well as information on giveaways and emerging artists.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Tegan & Lara x


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