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Christine Redman-Waldeyer

What a spot of luck when Christine Redman-Waldeyer from the Adanna Journal said she would write an article for MOTIF Magazine. I was moved to tears after reading her article and was most proud and pleased to be able to share it with our readers in Issue 5 – The New Feminine.
Christine Redman-Waldeyer, founder and editor of Adanna, holds a Doctorate of Letters from Drew University. She teaches literature, writing, and journalism at Passaic County Community College and is the Coordinator of the Journalism Option Program. Christine is an author of poetry books and has had many articles and essays published in a long list of reputable magazines and journals.
So what is the Adanna Journal?
Adanna, a name of Nigerian origin, pronounced a-DAN-a, is defined as “her father’s daughter.”  This literary journal is titled Adanna because women over the centuries have been defined by men in politics, through marriage, and, most importantly, by the men who fathered them. Today women are still bound by complex roles in society, often needing to wear more than one hat or sacrifice one role so another may flourish.
While this journal is dedicated to women, it is not exclusive, and it welcomes our counterparts and their thoughts about women today. Submissions to Adanna must reflect women’s issues or topics, celebrate womanhood, and shout out in passion.

Christine’s amazing essay ‘Removing the Scars’ can be read on page 27 in Issue 5 of MOTIF Magazine. Her wonderful words are accompanied by the fine art of Amanda Clyne.



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Issue 4 – The New Feminine

Hello lovely readers, welcome to the MOTIF Blog.

Today we are celebrating Issue 4 – The New Feminine – where you can see who won the Frockshop.com prize for our fashion photo competition, read about BBH‘s creative director, read our reviews and have your fill of MOTIF magic.

Issue 4 has been a difficult one for us. I moved to London, Tegan went away on holidays and we struggled for a moment there. But I think we’ve pulled through to create an issue that we can be proud of.

I was particularly excited our content this issue; the wonderful Christine Waldeyer from Adanna Literary Journal wrote a piece especially for us, I got to sit in the office of advertising guru Rosie Arnold and we had the lovely Tyler Parker send us a colourful piece for Fiona’s always witty words. We featured artist Amanda Clyne, who was kind enough to let us use a piece from her Silver Series and we put together a fashion spread like no other, choosing the finest entries from MOTIF readers who were bold enough to help us out. You’ll see some stunning photos there!

We hope you like our feminine theme this issue and look forward to receiving your comments and encouraging words.




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