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As much as I would love the ultimate power of doing the entire magazine myself, unfortunately I must share the duties with not only my cousin Tegan, but also the many wonderful contributors who help us out with each issue.

You may not know this but we outsource help from artists, writers, photographers, bloggers, crafters and designers for things like our cover art, photo shoots, craft section, articles, reviews and images.

We like to spread the love and get in a new artist or writer for each issue, to help give that theme it’s own personality and differentiate it from the last one.

We are always looking for people who can help out, because last time I checked, working on MOTIF Magazine should be a full time job!

Alas, it is something Tegan and I and our army of creatives put together in our ‘spare time’ each quarter and all for the love of creative expression and just getting it out there.

So if you’ve got a talent you think we can use, please don’t be shy and get in touch.

We need help with marketing, social media, articles, images, website….and whatever else you can think of!




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Food for Travellers

Here’s something cool and perfect for the latest JOURNEYS issue of MOTIF Magazine.

MyCityCuisine.org is a new Wiki project that helps travelers discover local foods from all over the world.

Food is an integral part of the local culture so naturally tasting local food is high on most traveler’s to-do list.
However, until now there has been no single comprehensive source for this information.

The MyCityCuisine project aims to fill this void.

Check out the super cool FREE app for iPhones.

Imagine strolling through the streets of Bolivia and wondering what the locals like to eat and being able to browse the dishes of the area with just a quick click on your iphone?

Here are some examples of Dish of the Week from the website:

Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert. In more modern times it is usually made from a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey, and fresh raspberries topped with toasted oatmeal. It is sometimes called Atholl Brose (which is more properly a drink using similar ingredients). Earlier recipes used crowdie cheese rather than (or as well as) cream, and were sometimes called cream-crowdie.

Pique macho (pronounced pee-kay maacho) is a typical Bolivian food. It is a heaped plate consisting of bite-sized pieces of beef, sausage (hot dog type), and french fry-cut potatoes. Added to this mixture are onions, locoto, boiled egg, mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

Smaller portions are simply called pique; pique macho is a huge portion, and traditionally spicy hot because of the locotos. Urban legend suggests that this is because you are macho if you can finish one by yourself.

As a little side-note to anyone interested in spreading the good word when it comes local cuisine, MyCityCuisine.org is looking for contributors. So get stuck in and help out!

And, a final note, MyCityCuisine is giving away a Free City Walking Tour App (worth $4.99) to everyone who Likes them on Facebook.

The app provides GPS coordinates and interesting descriptions for not only the main city sites, but for off-the beaten path destinations as well.

People can sign up to receive the free city app of their choice by clicking the orange bar at the bottom of MyCityCuisine.org or by visiting their Facebook page.

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MOTIF Magazine and iPad. MFEO

Yes, MOTIF Magazine, with the marvelous help of Damjan at OCU.NECU has gone all Apple on yo ass.

We have got our very own ipad app.

See – even our logo has gone all space age…

It’s like reading MOTIF but a little bit smaller, with all the links and everything.

I am too excited about the whole business really and just wish I had an iPad so I could enjoy it for myself.

The app is free, same as with the site, it costs you nothing but your time.

Damjan kindly sent us the statistics of our Apple enterprise and it turns out people are loving MOTIF from all over the world.

We have readers from Italy, Peru, Brazil, France, Lebanon, Columbia, Canada, Spain, Poland, Thailand, China and the Netherlands….to name a few.

It’s so exciting to think that we are sharing our energies and ideas with people from all over the world.

We always love to hear from our readers, so please do, when ever you can, send us your comments and any love you might have.

It’s a tough slog here at MOTIF, and to know that people care about what we do keeps us going.

So send all your love our way readers, and tell us what you like the best about the mag, or what you think needs improving.

You can do this by emailing us at opinions@motifmag.com and LIKING us on our Facebook page.

Help us make MOTIF something  wonderful  – the more readers and subscribers, the longer we can keep doing what we do.



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Meet MOTIF’s New Craft Editor

Dana Beach – a marvel with her hands and a master of all things pretty – has agreed to join Tegan and I at MOTIF Magazine.

Dana’s going to be bringing you the craft component of our magazine every quarter.

Her first contribution was in our latest issue JOURNEYS and it was a delightful make-your-own journal.

A travel journal for our adventure inspired issue.

We found Dana from her blog Crafty Minx .

Crafty Minx gives inspiration and tutorials for some creative crafting ideas and also provides a place where Dana can share her passion for all the quirky items she finds in op-shops and vintage stores.

Dana’s latest bender is Granny A Day. This is where Dana blogs about her attempt to crotchet a square a day for one year and she has made some extremely lovely blankets.

What I love most about Dana’s blog though is the personal aspect. Dana shares part of her life through her blog, and it makes it a warm and friendly place to visit, virtually speaking that is.

I have become a little bit addicted to Dana’s Blog

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Xiaohan Shen

Xiaohan is the photographer who made MOTIF Magazine’s Issue 3 JOURNEYS fashion spread possible.

Her keen and discerning eye coupled with a pretty cool camera makes for a powerful combination.

Xiaohan was born in Shanghai and raised in Sydney and brings a unique blend of China and Australia to her perspective.

Not just a budding photographer and designer with some big names like Pandora, Vodaphone and Special K under her belt, Xiaohan is author of one of the best Australian Street Fashion Blogs around Xssat.

Xssat is so awesome, ABC’s Art Nation did a feature on her blog, watch the CLIP here. She really brings out the best in old Sydney Town.

And here’s something else Xiaohan is working on, she is hoping to become the next Style Correspondent at NY Fashion Week in cahoots with Nokia and Elle.

To vote for Xiaohan please CLICK HERE and simply ‘Like’ her page. Too easy.

Come on people – let’s show some MOTIF Magazine Reader support for one of our fantastic contributors!

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Issue 3 – JOURNEYS

Thought it was fitting to use a snap from my current travels to introduce the upcoming JOURNEYS issue of MOTIF Magazine.

Of course, it’s not quite ready yet…Tegan is still busily setting and resetting the issue until it is perfect.

In the meantime though, how about I tell you what you can expect from the new issue.

We have a dreamy cover created especially for us by Megan Russell , a photographic fashion journey expertly shot by Xiohan Shen – and keep an eye out for Xiohan’s street fasion blog Xssat.

We have some absorbing articles by talented writers Robin Sidwell, Fiona Murphy and Laura Lawson exploring everything from childhood holidays, packing for trips and dealing with loss.

We’ll look at all things travel related from fashion and holidays tips to our darling Blythe.

As usual we’ll serve up some recipes, review journey-inspired books, movies, music and TV, plus we’ll take your eyeballs on a visual feast that will leave you wanting more.

Finally, we have some super prizes for subscribers to giveaway next quarter by Tom Hide Designs and Mushu.

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Forest Fashion

I don’t know if you noticed, but if you look at the fashion spread in MOTIF’s INTO THE WOODS issue, you might find yourself falling in love the green, velvet skirt worn by our little red riding hood (Sophie Crenigan).

I certainly fell in love with this skirt when I was researching fashion for our forest shoot.

I even secretly tried it on when I was putting together all the outfits…except it was too small…ha ha ha

I can picture myself wearing this skirt with black stockings and Mary-Janes as I saunter through London!

OK, I’ll stop…the skirt and the cute red and white scherenschnitte skirt are all hand made by Hannah, from the Made with Love By Hannah label.

And while I love her website, I find her ETSY store easier to get a really nice, close up look at all the different varieties of skirt (there are so many! And I LOVE them all.)

OMG. Apples!

And a wrap around little red riding hood print!

All of Hannah’s skirts are screen printed with either the smallest little detail or an all encompassing design.

They are all super sturdy, super comfy and come in all sizes.

And then another favourite of mine from the shoot was the little red riding hood cape that featured in the first photos.

This beauty was lent to us so kindly from an Australian label called ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD.

The cape zips up fully in the front, with a button cover detail and the hood is completely detachable (if you so choose).

You can buy their best-selling item from their Etsy store and check out their other stuff on their BLOG .

So there we go MOTIF readers, two awesome independent labels by designers who are just like you and me!

If you like them, go and support them by visiting their site and buying their amazing clothes!

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