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MOTIF Magazine now Available on iPhone

Whether it’s black or white, new or old, your iphone will finally be put to good use.

Scrolling through the pages of MOTIF Magazine that is!

Thanks to the fantastic crew at Ocunecu, the MOTIF app can be downloaded for free and enjoyed in a house with a mouse, in a train or in a plane…you get the idea.

So get on the phone, download the app and get reading.



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Issue 3 – JOURNEYS

Thought it was fitting to use a snap from my current travels to introduce the upcoming JOURNEYS issue of MOTIF Magazine.

Of course, it’s not quite ready yet…Tegan is still busily setting and resetting the issue until it is perfect.

In the meantime though, how about I tell you what you can expect from the new issue.

We have a dreamy cover created especially for us by Megan Russell , a photographic fashion journey expertly shot by Xiohan Shen – and keep an eye out for Xiohan’s street fasion blog Xssat.

We have some absorbing articles by talented writers Robin Sidwell, Fiona Murphy and Laura Lawson exploring everything from childhood holidays, packing for trips and dealing with loss.

We’ll look at all things travel related from fashion and holidays tips to our darling Blythe.

As usual we’ll serve up some recipes, review journey-inspired books, movies, music and TV, plus we’ll take your eyeballs on a visual feast that will leave you wanting more.

Finally, we have some super prizes for subscribers to giveaway next quarter by Tom Hide Designs and Mushu.

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